NetSpring QueryDirect Now Supports All Popular Cloud Data Warehouses

Jan 31, 2023

Built upon the Modern Data Stack, and centered around a single cloud data store, warehouse-native product analytics solutions like NetSpring leverage a single source of truth for consistent and trustworthy insights.

With QueryDirect, NetSpring is defining the next generation of Product & Behavioral Analytics, with the ability to access all relevant customer and behavioral data – and avoiding any data duplication. NetSpring directly queries both event-oriented usage data and relational reference data already in any of the mainstream cloud data warehouses:

Working natively on the data warehouse is a critical distinction from first-generation solutions such as Amplitude and Mixpanel. Warehouse-native is defined by the ability to directly query the data warehouse, whereas warehouse-direct refers to a vendor’s ability to directly ingest or export (i.e. duplicate) data from a data warehouse.

This modern architecture for product analytics results in massive savings in terms of storage and compute. A warehouse-native approach leverages low cost commoditized cloud storage and completely avoids any duplication of data, thus eliminating the need for cumbersome and expensive ETL jobs. Costs for analytics then scale linearly with query usage, unlike event-based pricing models. The number of events is a data volume-base proxy that cannot scale with your business, and you pay irrespective of whether you are analyzing the data or not. By working natively on top of your data warehouse and single source of truth, NetSpring is able to offer the next generation of product analytics for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

With warehouse-native product analytics, Data teams have the confidence that NetSpring is optimized for their existing ecosystem, as a Snowflake Connected App or because it is Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery, for instance. And with direct query capabilities, NetSpring uniquely offers Product, Growth Marketing, and Customer Service teams, all the benefits of self-service product analytics with the full analytical power of BI for ad hoc visual data exploration. Business users can enrich usage data and slice & dice across any dimension found in a warehouse’s native objects (e.g. accounts, entitlements, and revenue from Salesforce, or tickets, SLAs, and tasks from Zendesk). 

The next generation of product analytics is here! Simply connect to your existing cloud data warehouse and begin querying it directly for context-rich product & behavioral analytics. Contact us today to get a live demo.

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