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Product Instrumentation

With NetSpring’s composable, warehouse-first architecture, customers can unlock the full value of their first-party customer data alongside all other business data in their data warehouse. Product & Growth teams get best-in-class analytics, while leveraging best-in-class instrumentation capabilities delivered by the Data team.


Segment collects, unifies, and enriches customer data across any app or device. Follow this Segment Recipe to use NetSpring for unified product insights.


RudderStack is an open-source, enterprise-ready platform for developers to collect, store, and route customer event data to the data warehouse or dozens of other tools. Watch this RudderStack Webinar to see how Bonfire is leveraging NetSpring and RudderStack.


Snowplow allows Data teams to create first-party customer data in real-time and power next-gen digital analytics and customer engagement. Watch this Snowplow Webinar. to learn how to unlock the power of 1p data with Netspring.

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Product Instrumentation Resources

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Buyers Guide for Warehouse-Native Product Analytics

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