NetSpring QueryDirect Now Supports All Popular Cloud Data Warehouses

Warehouse-Native Product Analytics

Get insights across all customer touch points. Pay only for insights, not event volume. Provide self-service analytics with governance.


The Next Generation of Product Analytics

Next-generation product analytics is warehouse-native, with the analytical power of BI. Watch the video to learn more.




Modernize your product analytics stack for a fraction of the cost

Breadth of Insights

Access any data in the warehouse. Deeply understand the drivers of retention, referrals, and revenue.

Product & Growth Teams

Privacy & Security

Your customer data never leaves the warehouse. Maintain a single governed source of truth.

Data & Analytics Teams

Cost & Maintenance

Simply connect to the warehouse and self-serve. No data movement. Cost not tied to event volume.

Data & Analytics Teams

Product & Growth Teams


Product Analytics
in the Modern Data Stack

Composable CDP with best-in-class instrumentation and analytics. Centered on the data warehouse.

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Cross-Channel Visibility

  • Look across operational marketing, sales automation, customer engagement platforms, and product instrumentation
  • Track and measure user and account-level KPIs across online channels, programs, and campaigns
  • Understand funnel conversion from PLG through enterprise sales and product adoption

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Behavior-Based Segmentation

  • Define segments or cohorts based on precise sequences of events and times spent on, and between each event
  • Connect patterns of behavior across online channels, programs, and campaigns
  • Filter funnels or paths by behavioral cohorts to deeply understand the drivers of product adoption, usage, and retention

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Attribution Analysis

  • Track awareness and audience growth across all online channels (e.g. website, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Track content engagement and effectiveness at driving conversion of specific segments or cohorts
  • Understand how activations, product usage, and upgrades tie back to growth marketing investments

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Unlock more business value from product analytics

Get a complete view of account-level journeys, understand attribution, and uncover cross-functional business insights. Funnel, cohort, and retention analysis, with the analytical power of BI.

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