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Product Analytics Reimagined

Don’t just report on product metrics. Deeply understand the behavioral patterns that drive adoption, engagement, and revenue.

NetSpring works directly on your data warehouse as the single source of truth, and brings the analytical power of Business Intelligence to self-service Product Analytics.


What is Next-Gen Product & Behavioral Analytics?

With 80% of product analytics done outside first-generation tools and needing the help of Data & Analytics teams, it’s time to rethink your approach.

  • Self-serve to answer any question, starting from a rich library of reporting templates, and advancing seamlessly to ad hoc visual data exploration¬†
  • Avoid writing and maintaining complex SQL for funnel/path-type queries, but have the option of leveraging SQL for specialized analysis¬†
  • Combine product instrumentation with any business data in your data warehouse for context-rich analytics

Cross-Channel Visibility

  • Look across operational marketing, sales automation, customer engagement platforms, and product instrumentation
  • Track and measure user and account-level KPIs across online channels, programs, and campaigns
  • Understand funnel conversion from PLG through enterprise sales and product adoption

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Behavior-Based Segmentation

  • Define segments or cohorts based on precise sequences of events and times spent on, and between each event
  • Connect patterns of behavior across online channels, programs, and campaigns
  • Filter funnels or paths by behavioral cohorts to deeply understand the drivers of product adoption, usage, and retention

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Attribution Analysis

  • Track awareness and audience growth across all online channels (e.g. website, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Track content engagement and effectiveness at driving conversion of specific segments or cohorts
  • Understand how activations, product usage, and upgrades tie back to growth marketing investments

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Product Analytics
in the Modern Data Stack

Connect directly to your data warehouse or data lake. Get context-rich product analytics across sources, on open data accessible to any tool.

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Next-Generation Product & Behavioral Analytics

With the analytical power of BI, understand the patterns of user behavior across channels and over time. In the modern data stack.

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Modernize your product analytics stack for less than a third of the cost.


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