Ergatta Leverages NetSpring Behavioral Analytics to Shape Fitness Habits of Users

Warehouse-Native Product Analytics

Get insights across all customer touch points.
Pay only for insights, not event volume.
Provide self-service analytics with governance.


The Next Generation of Product Analytics

Next-generation product analytics is warehouse-native, with the analytical power of BI. Watch the video to learn more.




Modernize your product analytics stack for a fraction of the cost

Full Business Context

Access any data in the warehouse. Deeply understand the drivers of retention, referrals, and revenue.

Privacy & Security

Your customer data never leaves the warehouse. Maintain a single governed source of truth.

Cost & Maintenance

Simply connect to the warehouse and self-serve. No data movement. Cost not tied to event volume.


Product Analytics
in the Modern Data Stack

Best-in-class analytics and instrumentation, centered on the data warehouse. Leveraging the Composable CDP.

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Self-serve answers to your next question at the speed of thought


Key Capabilities

Cross-Channel Visibility

  • Track journeys across self-serve, marketing, product, sales, and support channels
  • Define conditional stages as logical sets of event sequences and/or user properties
  • Slice and dice cohorts of users by any data in the warehouse for rich business context

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Behavior-Based Segmentation

  • Dynamically define behavioral cohorts based on precise sequences and timing of events
  • Build high-performing audiences based on desirable behavioral cohorts
  • Create data warehouse views of targeted audiences for activation

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Customer Journey Analytics

  • Understand why certain campaigns or business programs drive user acquisition
  • Identify users and behavioral patterns that drive feature-level adoption and retention
  • Leverage behavioral cohorts to explain account-level retention and revenue

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Unlock more business value from product analytics

Get a complete view of account-level journeys, understand attribution, and unlock cross-functional business insights. Extend your templated funnel, cohort, or retention analysis with the ad hoc analytical power of BI.

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