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Our Values

  • Fairness

    Treat co-workers, customers and partners with respect and care.

  • Humility

    Leave personal egos aside. Focus on the end goal of generating value for customers.

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  • Customer First

    Buyers and users of our product are our #1 priority.

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  • Empower

    Help people achieve things they never thought they were capable of.

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  • Work Hard. Play Hard

    Commit deeply to the success of the company. Enjoy the journey and have fun.

Our Benefits

  • Competitive Compensation

    We want you to feel fairly rewarded for the work and the value you bring. We provide one of the best compensation from early stage startups.

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  • Healthcare

    We believe that health is above everything else. We provide one of the best healthcare coverage, that covers medical, dental and vision for you and your family.

  • Flexible Work

    We have an hybrid work set up with 3 days per week at the office and 2 days working from home. With Covid still around, we let our employees work from home if they feel more comfortable that way.

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  • Unlimited PTO

    We believe in empowerment and personal responsibility. We are flexible with working hours and let our employees choose when they need time off and how much they need.

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  • 401k

    We have a 401k plan set up so you can contribute to your retirement plan.

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  • Mindful Culture

    From our office Zen Room, our yearly Wellness Day, our focus pods and our flexible work set up, we encourage our employees to take care of their physical as well as mental health.

Why NetSpring?

Our team members could have had cushy jobs at FAANG companies, yet they decided to join NetSpring to build the future of Product Analytics. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • This team is constantly striving toward excellence in all the areas that make me excited to work here, from engineering excellence to excellence in how we treat each other. I’m so grateful that I get to work alongside such talented, wonderful people in an environment that empowers me to keep learning and to bring my own ideas to the table. In the end it’s a team effort, and no one understands that more than the wonderful people at NetSpring!

    Sydney Flak, Senior Engineer
  • Satyam Shekhar

    Building a company requires a lot of hard work and determination. I would pick Abhishek, Priyendra, and Vijay for that mission 10/10 times. They are hands-down the most brilliant, motivated, yet grounded individuals that I have come across in my career. With a team like this, no challenge is insurmountable. I am super excited and looking forward to this journey.

    Satyam Shekhar, Co-Founder and Principal Architect
  • Priyendra Deshwal

    We dream of leaving a mark on this world. To take a shot at greatness. To make a difference. Something deep within drives us to imagine things that don’t yet exist and then use our hands, our eyes, our ears to bring that intangible “something” to life. Creating a business is the ultimate expression of my creativity and I feel blessed to have an opportunity to do so.

    Priyendra Deshwal, Co-Founder and CTO
  • Jordie Hannel

    When I heard Vijay and Priyendra were putting a team together, I knew something great was going to happen, and with every addition to the team I’ve only become more confident in that. I can’t say how excited I am to build NetSpring with such great people over the coming years!

    Jordie Hannel, Founding Group Product Owner
  • Abhishek Rai

    I joined NetSpring for the mission and the team. The quality of people assembling under one roof at NetSpring is truly exceptional and rare in the valley, especially for a young startup. The mission of helping organizations of all scales and complexity optimize their existing or new business lines is inspiring. And doing it all from scratch, that’s the best!

    Abhishek Rai, Co-Founder and Chief Architect
  • Sailesh Mittal

    I have known Satyam for a very long time. When he invited me to become part of NetSpring, and as I met the rest of the team, I felt the opportunity to work with them and an old friend was too great to pass. Here was a chance to build a product from ground-up, along with amazing people who are as inspiring as they are humble. I believe in the product, but more than that, I believe in this team.

    Sailesh Mittal, Founding Staff Engineer
  • I was so impressed with the people I met at NetSpring that I knew if given the opportunity to be a part of this group, it was one I couldn’t pass up. I was honored and excited when the team decided to make a bet on me. NetSpring represents the truly unique chance to build a special piece of technology from scratch, bet on myself, and most importantly bet on an absolutely fantastic team. I am so excited to see this team meet the challenges ahead, and I cannot wait for what the future holds.

    Joe Timko, Founding Staff Engineer
  • Rarely are we presented with career-defining opportunities at this stage of category creation. With the convergence of streaming, batch, and storage technologies, an entirely new generation of data analytics with a multi-billion dollar TAM will be born, led by NetSpring and our team of accomplished — but more importantly, humble — leaders. Why is that so important? It is impossible to create lasting value without a great workplace culture. Everyone associated with NetSpring, from our investors to each employee, is a truly nice person that I want to build a great company together with.

    Thomas Dong, VP of Marketing

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