Deliver great product and customer experiences

Build delightful products. Acquire, engage, and retain your best customers. Deliver great customer experiences across all channels.

Build delightful products

Instantly answer any product question

NetSpring is a powerful tool in the hands of every product and growth team member. Self-serve to get instant answers to any product question without waiting for reports from your Data/BI team.

Understand feature usage

Deeply understand how your product features are being used. Segment usage by cohorts and attributes. See how user behavioral patterns trend over time.

Prioritize building business-impactful features

Quantify impact of features on business goals related to revenue, CSAT, and support. Deploy your limited resources to the right set of features that impact business outcomes.

Acquire, engage, and retain your best customers

Acquire new customers

Analyze behaviors that impact onboarding and activation to acquire more customers. Optimize marketing spend to acquire the most profitable customers.

Keep your customers engaged

Understand why and how certain cohorts engage more deeply with your product that others. See which features and usage paths lead to more engagement and revenue.

Retain your best customers

Find patterns of user behavior and product experiences that reduce churn and increase loyalty. Retain your best customers for the long term.

Deliver great customer experiences across all channels

Share a single, consistent tool for all teams

NetSpring serves as the single tool for Product, Growth, Marketing, Success, and Support teams. Drive common definitions and consistent understanding of key customer metrics across the organization.

Get complete cross-channel visibility

Visualize and understand customer journeys across all touch points, in-product and outside. Deep-dive across channels to understand drivers for conversion and churn.

Have a pulse on your customer experience

Monitor and alert on customer experience degradations. Identify opportunities for upsell or cross-sell through personalized messages.

NetSpring’s platform is purpose-built for the modern data stack


Cost-effective, trustworthy, secure analytics in a single tool on the single source of truth – your data warehouse. No data copies. No ETL or reverse ETL. Business-impactful analytics across *all* data in the warehouse.

Composable CDP

Designed for the modern composable CDP stack. Best-in-class analytics platform that works with best-in-class instrumentation, experimentation, and activation platforms – all centered on the data warehouse.

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Dive deeper into NetSpring’s Analytics Platform

Product Analytics

Get deep insights into product usage and user behavior.

Customer Journey

Understand the entire customer journey across all channels.

Business Intelligence

Provide self-service ad hoc analytics for everyone.

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