NetSpring QueryDirect Now Supports All Popular Cloud Data Warehouses

Product & Behavioral Analytics

Warehouse-native with the analytical power of BI


Connect your cloud data warehouse, and NetSpring directly queries against all your event and reference data – with no data duplication.

All popular cloud data warehouses are supported, including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Databricks, and Azure Synapse.

If your data warehouse isn’t on this list, please contact us.


Flexibly model across all tables in the data warehouse.

Easily establish relationships between event streams and business data models to enrich events. Dynamically compute shared product and business-level metrics.

Richly define behavioral patterns of any object by sequences and durations. Then model cross-channel flows or sub-flows for any associated object (e.g. an account’s users, projects, or tickets).

Advanced Behavioral Profiling

Build a complete time-oriented behavioral graph for any object, spanning events from any source, conditional events, and associated objects.

Define stages as conditional sequences of events across streams and business systems. Then compose multi-level funnels with sub-journeys for any associated object or property.

Easily create dynamic segments of any object based on behavioral patterns.

Live View

Quickly understand usage and revenue through report templates for funnels, paths, event segmentation, and retention.

Track product and business-level metrics from adoption and engagement, to attribution and revenue.

Access a rich library of highly-configurable visualizations and layouts. Filter by any static or dynamic property, flow, or collection of objects.


Get straight to every answer by pivoting seamlessly back and forth between any report and ad hoc visual data exploration.

Analyze behavioral patterns by slicing-and-dicing across any dimension. Compare reports to iteratively refine insights and visualizations.

Get complete expressibility with ANSI SQL support and advanced scripting with NetScript.


Maintain continuous visibility and actionability into key metrics and behavioral cohorts.

Configure alerts and workflows with noise reduction controls.

Get notified of anomalies and stay continuously connected to key product and business metrics.

Getting started is easy.

Connect to your cloud data warehouse. Be up and running in an hour.

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