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Product & Growth

  • You are a product or growth manager responsible for the successful adoption and usage of products you manage.
  • Your digital product’s free-to-paid customer journey is supported by numerous digital touch points to drive product-led growth.
  • You track and analyze product instrumentation data to make informed decisions on product capabilities or to personalize customer outreach.
  • You conduct experiments and test hypotheses around customer acquisition, conversion, retention, engagement, and product usage.

Your Challenges

The product analytics tools you use today only provide basic reporting templates and don’t support ad hoc discovery or exploration capabilities.

The product analytics tools you use are siloed, and data cannot be easily enriched with business context from other systems. This results in myopic product usage insights that often are inconsistent with other analytics platform, and generally not actionable at a business level.

You have tried to use BI tools because they provide access to more data, only to find they aren’t designed to build interactive reports for funnels and paths on event data.

You are dependent on a backlogged Data & Analytics team to build new one-off BI reports. It can take several weeks to get answers, and those insights and context cannot be pushed back into your product analytics tool for iterative analysis.

NetSpring Solution

Self-serve answers to any question, starting from a rich library of product analytics reports (e.g. funnel, path, or cohort). Then pivot seamlessly and continuously between any report and ad hoc visual data exploration, to answer your long line of questions.

Work directly on your data warehouse as the single source of truth. Get deeper, business-impactful insights by correlating product instrumentation data with all your business data.

Access any business data needed to answer the next question. Analyze behavioral patterns by slicing-and-dicing across any dimension for a deeper understanding of what’s driving product metrics.

Track all your key product and customer metrics, and self-serve answers to uncover new opportunities or act on any anomalies. Preserve and propagate context throughout your ad hoc explorations, to satisfy your curiosity at the speed of thought.

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