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Product & Growth

  • You are a product or growth manager accountable for the successful adoption and usage of products you manage.

  • Your business is a product-centric business with mission critical operations and a large number of customer digital interactions.

  • You track and analyze product instrumentation data to make informed decisions on product capabilities.

  • You conduct experiments and test hypotheses around customer acquisition, conversion, retention, engagement and product usage.

Your Challenges

The tools you use today only provide basic reporting templates and don’t provide advanced analytic capablities.

You struggle with fragmented, myopic insights in multiple silo-ed systems. You are unable to bring rich context from multiple business systems to make analytics more holistic, meaningful and effective.

You are dependent on heavily backlogged data engineering and analyst teams to build reports for you.

You don’t discover many customer issues or opportunities in time to take effective actions.

NetSpring Solution

The next generation platform for advanced product and behavioral analytics.

Advanced event flow and dimensional slice-and-dice analysis in the same platform for deeper analytic insights. Business user friendly self-service interface.

Seamless connectivity and flexible modeling capabilities facilitating context-rich analytics cutting across product instrumentation streams and business reference data.

Real-time view of key product and customer metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on anomalies and opportunities.

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