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Product & Growth

  • You are a product or growth manager responsible for the successful adoption and usage of products you manage.
  • You track and analyze product instrumentation data to make informed decisions on product capabilities or to personalize customer outreach.
  • Your digital product’s free-to-paid customer journey is supported by numerous digital touch points to drive product-led growth.
  • You conduct experiments and test hypotheses around customer acquisition, conversion, retention, engagement and product usage.

Your Challenges

The tools you use today only provide basic reporting templates and don’t support ad hoc discovery or exploration capabilities.

You struggle with fragmented, myopic insights coming from many siloed systems. You are unable to bring rich context from multiple business systems to make analytics more holistic and meaningful.

You are dependent on heavily backlogged data engineering and analyst teams to build new reports for you.

You don’t discover many customer issues or opportunities in time to take effective actions.

NetSpring Solution

Next-generation product analytics that brings the power of BI to self-service product analytics.

Answer the next question with self-guided discovery and exploration. Slice-and-dice product analytics funnels and paths like you would in a BI tooI. Deeply understand what behavioral patterns are driving product metrics.

Work directly on your data warehouse or data lake as the single source of truth. Get deeper insights by correlating product instrumentation data with all your business data.

Get a real-time view of key product and customer metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on anomalies and opportunities.

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