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Operations & Analysts

  • You are responsible for ensuring your product, marketing, sales or revenue operations are running smoothly. You strive for cross-functional alignment to drive product-led growth through a premium product and customer experience. Any friction experienced by customers has a direct impact, not just on product metrics, but on top- and bottom-line business metrics as well.
  • You are a technical or business analyst accountable to the business and executive team for tracking and reporting on key product metrics that drive critical business decisions. You routinely support requests from the business for new reports that require new data pipelines and new SQL queries to be written.

Your Challenges

A multitude of functionally siloed tools makes it nearly impossible to understand the product experience across the complete customer journey.

Your teams are routinely blindsided by product or customer issues, and missing out on opportunities to quickly resolve issues and/or build goodwill with customers.

The functionally siloed data you need to work with is often too highly aggregated, or too stale to make actionable operational decisions.

You are inundated by time-critical requests for new reports. But connecting new data sources and authoring new queries is time-consuming. New funnel SQL queries alone can take upwards of 5 hours.

NetSpring Solution

Work directly on your data warehouse or data lake as the single source of truth. Get deeper insights by correlating product instrumentation data with all your business data.

Get a real-time view of key product and customer metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on anomalies and opportunities.

Business users can quickly answer most of their questions through self-guided discovery and exploration of the data warehouse, enabling them to rapidly turn insights into action.

Next-generation product analytics brings the power of BI to self-service product analytics, freeing up analysts to focus on the most valuable and challenging problems.

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