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  • You are a business analyst accountable to the executive team for key business metrics around health of operations. Your business is a modern digital business with mission critical operations. You have a large number of customer digital interactions with your product or service 24×7. Critical business decisions are made based on key operational metrics.

  • You are an operations analyst responsible for the smooth functioning of your mission-critical industrial, network, manufacturing or utility operations. Your company runs large facilities and networks with complex operational processes around production, distribution and delivery. Any disruptions to these processes has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Your Challenges

You are unable to accurately quantify the health of operations because of the inability to model across data in many fragmented systems.

The data you work with is often stale and not fresh enough for actionable operational decisions.

You often find yourself blindsided by issues impacting your business, and scramble to find the root cause, navigating across multiple systems.

The tools for collaborative management and resolution of incidents is lacking, resulting in production/distribution delays and losses.

NetSpring Solution

Digital operations Command Center for real-time monitoring of key metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on anomalies and opportunities.

Seamless connectivity and flexible modeling that enables context-rich analytics cutting across any source. No-code development platform enabling self-service for business users.

Collaborative management and resolution of alerts, with rich diagnostics and causality analysis, in one integrated platform.

Integrations with execution systems to be able to close the loop with automated actions, for more efficient and profitable operations.

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