• Your team is responsible for designing the customer experience and reacting to customer interactions that directly impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.
  • You are responsible for implementing the right processes, defining best practices, and improving KPIs.
  • You collect, organize, and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to identify areas of improvement and inform business decisions.
  • You operate within a Center of Excellence, or are aligned functionally in Product Operations, Marketing Operations, Revenue Operations, or Process Operations.

Your Challenges

Your organizational silos make it difficult to set up a consistent customer experience across different channels, owned by different teams with different objectives and systems.

Without a holistic view of the entire customer journey it is impossible for you to understand what customers are doing, and why they are doing it.

Your team is routinely blindsided by customer and product issues, and missing out on opportunities to quickly resolve issues and/or build goodwill with customers.

NetSpring Solution

Work directly on your data warehouse or data lake as the single source of truth. Enrich real-time product instrumentation with rich business context to personalize every customer interaction at the point of impact.

Identify the sequences and timing of customer activities by behavioral cohorts, in order to understand the patterns leading to positive business outcomes, such as activation or retention.

Get a real-time view of key product and customer metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on anomalies and opportunities.

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