Operational Analytics

Instantly detect, analyze, and act on every anomaly or opportunity before it’s too late. Directly impact customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

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  • A core focus of DCP Midstream is our commitment to operational excellence.

    Leveraging NetSpring to analyze real-time data gives our team members key information to prioritize critical work, support quick response, and more effectively serve our customers.

    Rob Sadler, Group Vice President of Energy, Transition & Transformation

Monitoring & Measurement

  • Track product and business-level metrics from adoption and engagement, to attribution and revenue.
  • Quickly understand usage and revenue from interactive dashboards.
  • Access a rich library of highly-configurable visualizations and layouts. Filter by any static or dynamic property, flow, or collection of objects.

Sense & Respond

  • Maintain continuous visibility and actionability into key metrics and behavioral cohorts.
  • Configure alerts and workflows with noise reduction controls.
  • Get notified of anomalies and stay continuously connected to key product and business metrics.

Root Cause Analysis

  • Get answers to your next question by pivoting iteratively between any report or ad hoc visual data exploration.
  • Analyze behavioral patterns by slicing-and-dicing across any dimension. Compare reports to refine visualizations and insights.
  • Preserve and propagate context throughout your ad hoc explorations.

Success Stories

NetSpring customers leverage operational analytics to improve time to market and customer satisfaction.

Health & Fitness

Ergatta shapes long-term fitness habits of their 75M+ user community


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