Marketing Analytics

Understand why and how certain campaigns drive user and account-level acquisition, activation, and retention.

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  • We now have a view into retention and activation others don’t have.

    The ability to segment our creators by specific behaviors has helped us identify which segments matter most. This was a level of granularity previously hidden from us.

    Matt Alston, Co-Founder & CEO

Attribution Analysis

  • Track awareness and audience growth across all online channels (e.g. website, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Track content engagement and effectiveness at driving conversion of specific segments or cohorts
  • Understand how activations, product usage, and upgrades tie back to growth marketing investments

Customer Journey Analytics

  • Understand why certain campaigns or business programs drive user acquisition
  • Identify users and behavioral patterns that drive feature-level adoption and retention
  • Leverage behavioral cohorts to explain account-level retention and revenue

Behavior-Based Segmentation

  • Dynamically define behavioral cohorts based on precise sequences and timing of events
  • Build high-performing audiences based on desirable behavioral cohorts
  • Create data warehouse views of targeted audiences for activation

Success Stories

NetSpring customers leverage marketing analytics to drive campaign results

Health & Fitness

Ergatta shapes long-term fitness habits of their 75M+ user community

B2C Software

Bonfire increases the activation rates of their creators by 80%

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