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IoT Stream Analytics

for Industrial

DCP Midstream continues to digitally transform their business with Operational Intelligence from NetSpring.

  • Improved organizational productivity
  • Influenced field operational efficiencies
  • Reduced maintenance & development costs
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Operational Assurance

A core focus of DCP Midstream is our commitment to operational excellence. Leveraging the NetSpring Operational Intelligence platform to analyze real-time data gives our team members key information to prioritize critical work, support quick response, and more effectively serve our customers.

Rob Sadler, Group Vice President of Energy, Transition & Transformation
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Real-time visibility into field operational events

DCP Midstream identified sensor data-in-motion, enriched streams, and time series analytics as capabilities needed to deliver real-time visibility into the status of field operational events. A turnkey solution was not previously available. The company determined that building from the ground up would be time and resource intensive and the NetSpring Operational Intelligence platform would accelerate time-to-value.

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IoT stream analytics

The NetSpring Operational Intelligence platform combines equipment sensor data from across their plants and other assets with contextual business data. It then automatically detects critical operating issues, delivers real-time contextual mobile notifications to all stakeholders, and immediately initiates restoration workflows within operations. Real-time performance dashboards with BI-style analytics helps them to spot and explain trends, root causes, and bad actors in time series data.

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Improved productivity and efficiency

DCP Midstream has improved organizational productivity by streamlining communications via the web or secure mobile app for 24x7 real-time visibility into events. This has enabled proactive notifications and influenced operational efficiencies by focusing the field on time-to-resolution and reducing downtime. In delivering these business results, NetSpring has reduced maintenance and development costs of complex streaming data pipelines and custom analytics – new data views can now be created in hours instead of weeks!

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Experience their transformation for yourself.

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