Incorporate Behavioral Insights into Marketing Campaigns

Oct 27, 2023 Thomas Dong

Behavior-based segmentation, which captures the precise sequences and timing of events of high-performing audiences, is typically used to identify leading indicators of product performance or to validate hypotheses about which features to prioritize next. However, PMs and growth marketers oftentimes also want to activate these audiences for lifecycle marketing, A/B testing, or personalization.

Unfortunately the process for getting cohorts out of most analytics tools, and uploaded to the required destination for activation, can often be a challenge. It may require time-consuming CSV uploads, repetitive manual tasks to keep audiences fresh, or in the worst case, vital data engineering resources.

NetSpring Audiences now makes it easy to publish behavioral cohorts to the data warehouse with the click of a button. NetSpring will also keep these audiences fresh and up-to-date.


After creating and saving a behavior-based segment, either from scratch with NetSpring’s flexible cohort builder, or analytically from a group of users found, for instance, during funnel analysis or through ad hoc visual exploration, simply:

  1. Choose to publish the cohort to the data warehouse as an Audience
  2. Select how often you want NetSpring to refresh the audience list: every 5 mins, every 15 mins, every hour, daily, or on demand

NetSpring creates a new table in the data warehouse with a list of all user ids and user attributes for users belonging to the audience. The audience is immediately available to any internal or third party tool in your marketing, sales, or support stack, via the warehouse.

This feature empowers Product and Growth teams to incorporate granular user behavioral data available from NetSpring into marketing campaigns without additional engineering effort. Your campaigns can be more effectively personalized to better drive critical product and business outcomes, like activation, trial conversion, and retention.

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