Ergatta Leverages NetSpring Behavioral Analytics to Shape Fitness Habits of Users

Data Engineers & App Developers

  • You are a data engineer. You are accountable for implementing and managing data infrastructure for your company to support various business functions. Business groups depend on your team’s infrastructure and tools for every day business operations.

  • You are a data application developer. You build custom data applications for business teams to service use cases unique to your business.

Your Challenges

You have a high TCO of managing multiple use case specific data analytics systems.

The tools you use don’t suffice for meeting the business demands for more real-time analytics.

You use open source tools to build complex data infrastructure and custom applications, which is very expensive to develop, maintain and scale.

You are building modern Cloud data lakes, and in association, looking at modernizing your analytics stack.

NetSpring Solution

Next-generation, high-performance, converged query processing platform for real-time, near real-time, and batch workloads.

Integrated application platform with a template-driven no-code development environment for business users to self-serve for composing operational analytic applications.

SQL APIs, GraphQL APIs, UI components, and templates, for developing advanced, custom operational analytics and real-time data applications.

Low-TCO managed service in the Cloud, abstracting away analytics infrastructure management complexities.

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