Ergatta Leverages NetSpring Behavioral Analytics to Shape Fitness Habits of Users

Customer Success

  • You are a customer success manager responsible for ensuring that your customers have a superior experience with your product/service. You are accountable for product/service adoption and revenue expansion in your accounts.

  • You are a customer support manager responsible for helping your customers with any issues related to using your product/service effectively. You are accountable for speedy resolution of any customer issue.

Your Challenges

You have limited visibility and poor quantification of the quality of your customers’ experience with your product/service.

You lack a holistic 360-degree view of your customer cutting across product, sales, support, success, and engineering systems.

You often discover customer experience issues long after they have had a significant negative impact. You miss up-sell opportunities due to lack of proactive alerting on opportunities based on usage patterns.

Your frontline operators lack the full context about the customer when they service a support call or engage in a success initiative, resulting in inferior service or lost opportunities.

NetSpring Solution

Digital operations Command Center for a real-time, 360-degree view of customer experience metrics, with rule and ML-assisted alerting on disruptions and opportunities.

Seamless connectivity and flexible modeling capabilities facilitating context-rich analytics cutting across all data sources related to customer experience.

No-code development platform enabling support and success teams to self-serve even for advanced analytics.

Integrations with transactional systems for in-context consumption of analytics enabling data-informed day-to-day operational decision making.

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