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Intelligence Platform

Event Stream Analytics in the Modern Data Stack


What is Operational Intelligence?

RTInsights explains how Operational Intelligence combines data-in-motion with data-at-rest, and then continuously and incrementally processes data to deliver timely and fully contextualized insights relevant to your business.

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Command Center

Standardize on a single, unified system for holistic, continuous visibility and actionability around health of your digital operations.

Use real-time, interactive dashboards for visualization and analysis of key operational business metrics, customized for each persona.

Manage planned and unplanned incidents collaboratively with alert workflow management, ML-assisted causal diagnostics, and automated actions.

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Visual Explorer

Explore all your data ad-hoc, joining across streaming and static sources – in real-time and at scale.

Use a no-code visual explorer interface to easily perform event flow and dimensional slice-and-dice analytics.

Leverage the simplicity of SQL, the sophistication of NetScript, and pre-built templates for advanced behavioral analytics.

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Accurately model the complexity of your business through a self-service, no-code modeling workbench.

Easily define business objects and their relationships, metrics, rules, and visualizations through a visual drag-and-drop interface. Natively reflect business objects from your connected data sources.

Leverage a rich library of behavioral analytics templates for composing analyses and applications.

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Metrics Store

Provide a single consistent store of business entities, metrics, rules, and data sets for all functions.

Catalog objects with organization, ownership, usage, lineage, tagging, and security. Enable collaborative, self-service metadata development with governance.

Manage objects lifecycle with change tracking, versioning and archiving.

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Seamlessly connect to and combine data from any streaming or static data source. No jobs or clusters to manage. Scale to millions of streaming events per second and PB-scale static data.

Get holistic visibility by bringing rich context from business systems to event streams.

Consume insights in-context, within day-to-day operational transaction systems.

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Event Stream Analytics

Converged Analytical Processing (CAP)

Stream and query processing engine purpose-built for cloud-native event data analytics at scale.

The first truly converged analytical processing engine that brings together streaming, batch and optimized storage, with high performance.

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Relational Event Streams

Framework for performing complex event flow analytics with the power of a relational data model.

Specialized computation system for efficient event flow and relational calculations at scale.

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An innovative new language of analytics providing an abstraction layer over SQL.

Concise expressibility, composability and reusability of advanced analytic constructs.

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