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Senior SRE/Cloud Engineer

San Francisco and Redwood City, CA

Our Company

NetSpring is a Cloud platform-as-a-service for Operational Analytics. NetSpring’s mission is to empower enterprises to reach their peak operational efficiency by infusing analytics in every day-to-day operational decisions. We provide the best software to measure, monitor, alert, and act on all operational business data with speed and at scale. NetSpring aims to be the data-driven central nervous system of every enterprise. Essential to that aim, is building a powerful cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS application platform with powerful data connectivity, modeling, and advanced analytics capabilities. That’s where you come in.

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned software professionals who have built multi-billion dollar companies from scratch. The founders were part of the founding team at ThoughtSpot, a revolutionary new Business Intelligence company. We have deep expertise in enterprise software, large-scale distributed systems, data processing, data visualization, and analytics. NetSpring is funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firms – Khosla Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital.

What You Will Do

  • Own and operate the Kubernetes-based NetSpring SaaS service across the three major cloud platforms
  • Architect and build the control plane and data plane for the NetSpring service.
  • Use Terraform to orchestrate the various pieces of the control and data planes.
  • Propose and implement solutions for seamless data connectivity (VPC peering, API key-based authentication, etc) between the NetSpring SaaS service and myriad customer data sources in various configurations
  • Implement a robust metrics/log aggregation framework to be used by various NetSpring microservices
  • Identify important metrics and build a metrics-driven culture around tracking those metrics
  • Maintain CI / CD pipelines for deploying code to the NetSpring SaaS service
  • Control cloud infrastructure costs by leveraging the elasticity and making smart choices about cloud architecture and resource usage

Skills you possess

  • Expertise in building and supporting large scale Cloud/SaaS applications
  • 2+ years of direct experience with Kubernetes based microservice architectures
  • Direct experience with AWS is required
  • Google Cloud / Azure experience is a plus
  • Deep familiarity and experience with terraform and infrastructure-as-code philosophy
  • Experience with new-age logging/metrics collection frameworks is a plus.
  • Familiarity with microservices, application servers, distributed caches, streaming platforms, application development, and testing frameworks
  • Well versed in modern, large-scale, cross-functional software development best practices

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