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Backend Engineer

Redwood City, CA and Bangalore, India

Our Company

NetSpring’s next-generation product & behavioral analytics solution brings the analytical power of Business Intelligence (BI) to self-service product analytics, working directly off the data warehouse.

Our technological innovations are disrupting the decades-old digital product analytics space. That’s where you come in.

Our Team

We are a team of seasoned software professionals who have built multi-billion dollar companies from scratch. The founders were part of the founding team at ThoughtSpot, a revolutionary new BI company. We have deep expertise in enterprise software, large-scale distributed systems, data processing, data visualization and analytics. NetSpring is funded by top-tier Silicon Valley venture capital firms – Khosla Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital.

What You Will Do

    • Work on the application backend for NetSpring’s next-generation product analytics platform.
    • Define APIs for the NetSpring frontend and third-party applications built on the NetSpring platform.
    • Build NetSpring’s state and metadata management system to enable Netspring’s Software as a service (SaaS).
    • Implement data security, privacy, authentication, and authorization solutions.
    • Develop extensions to a new modeling language for query generation.
    • Build integrations with source data systems, cloud data lakes, and other cloud applications for reliable, high-throughput, secure data access.

Skills You Possess

    • Exposure to working on large scale Cloud/SaaS applications.
    • 1-5 years of programming experience in Java, Scala, C++, or similar language.
    • Experience in GraphQL or API design is a plus.
    • Exposure to relational databases and SQL.
    • Familiarity with microservices, application servers, application development, and testing frameworks.
    • Familiarity with Spring Framework is a plus.
    • Exposure to modern, fast-paced, cross-functional software development best practices and CI/CD.

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