NetSpring Adds Miles Monaghan as Head of Sales Engineering

Apr 24, 2023

NetSpring has brought Miles Monaghan onboard to lead Sales Engineering for the company. NetSpring offers warehouse-native Product & Behavioral Analytics with the analytical power of Business Intelligence (BI). 

“I am delighted to welcome yet another veteran from the Product Analytics space to NetSpring,” said Brady Fox, VP of Sales. “Miles was instrumental in the growth of the space from 2017 to 2022, helping some of the biggest brands over that period deploy strategic product analytics initiatives in their enterprises.”

Monaghan has nearly 15 years of industry experience, most recently as Principal Solutions Architect at ReadySet. Prior to ReadySet, he spent over five years as a Principal Sales Engineer at Amplitude.

“Product and Growth teams need the modeling flexibility to be able to tie user behavior to business context, in order to understand the impact their decisions have on the bottomline.” said Monaghan. “They need exactly what NetSpring has built – a single converged platform that provides the benefits of self-service, exploratory product analytics with the modeling power of BI.”

The addition of Miles reflects the momentum NetSpring is seeing with the emergence and relevance of warehouse-native or connected apps, as more and more enterprises modernize around the cloud data warehouse, and as newer businesses begin their journey as warehouse-natives.

About NetSpring

NetSpring offers next-generation, warehouse-native Product & Behavioral Analytics with the analytical power of Business Intelligence (BI). NetSpring was founded in late 2019 by industry thought leaders Vijay Ganesan, Priyendra Deshwal, Satyam Shekhar, and Abhishek Rai. The founders were previously part of the founding team at ThoughtSpot, now a leader in the BI space. NetSpring’s team has deep expertise in enterprise software, data analytics, large-scale distributed systems, databases, and complex analytic applications. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

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